This is a directory of all the sessions played by the Happy Homos of the Sword Coast.

Season One Edit

14/07/16 Journey to Phandalin
20/07/16 Inn with a View
27/07/16 Cragmaw Cave
03/08/16 Rembrandt Hideout
17/08/16 No Time to Mourn
24/08/16 First Dungeon
30/08/16 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
07/09/16 Dark Woods and Ogre Dicks
21/09/16 Zharik What the Fuck?!
28/09/16 Et Tu, Rigo?
05/10/16 I'm On a Boat
12/10/16 To Feed or Not To Feed ... Droop to a Dragon
19/10/16 Death of a Dragon Cult
26/10/16 Death of a Dragon
02/11/16 Death of Davorin
09/11/16 Who's That Gnome?
16/11/16 On The Train to Cragmaw Castle
23/11/16 TBD
07/12/16 TBD
14/12/16 TBD
21/11/16 TBD
28/11/16 TBD

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