Froggin (Foie Gras Gin) and his brother Droop are Goblins of the Lowbug Tribe.

Background Edit


Interactions Edit

Froggin was with a scouting team returning supplies from a raided wagon near the Cragmaw Cave. He surrendered when the rest of his party was murdered. He pleaded and offered help in exchange for his life.

Froggin led the Happy Homos to Cragmaw Cave and helped them to sneak inside and rescue Sildar Hallwinter. He tried to help the team steal from the bugbear boss of the cave, Klarg, but was murdered in the process.

On his corpse, the Happy Homos found a small jade carving of a frog.

Quests Edit

No open quests with this character. RIP Foie Gras Gin.

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