On the Train to Cragmaw Castle (16/11/16) Edit

Basically, the DM railroaded us into going to Cragmaw Castle. C'est la vie.

Writing Prompt Edit

There are 5 groups of bad guys in this castle. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Currently it looks like you are just going to charge in and fight everyone at once. Bad idea. Do any of you have a strategy to divide and conquer the inhabitants of Cragmaw Castle. Final note, how do you even know that they are the bad guys?

Davorin (Lorkoris Wolfsbane) Edit

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Durkon Beerfist Edit

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Killgore the Trout Edit

Okay guys, here is what I think.

Someone who won't try to kill Droop and has high dexterity needs to go with Droop around the windows until they find Lhupo. Then they need to get Lhupo's attention, and along with Droop, convince Lhupo that he is Droops father.

Above, when I said dexterity, I meant persuasion. Then once droop has the allegiance of the Lhupo and his army of goblins, we can use them to help eliminate the hobgoblins and maybe even King Grol. Especially when droop tells him how badly he was treated by the bugbears in the basement of the abandoned mansion.

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