Death of a Dragon (26/10/16) Edit

We knew what was going to happen. There was no way around it. We were going to kill this dragon, or he was going to kill us. A combination of us being level 4, droop taking command of some members of the team, and the DM playing some killer background noises is all we need to put us over the top in this battle.


Highlights from the fight:

Naka: Qi points out the wazoo. Hits with a staff, then with his fist, then with his other fist. Rinse. Repeat.

Davorin: Hides, runs out, TALON ATTACK! then a sneak attack, hides again. Like a true rogue master.

Killgore: Stares down the dragon and never budges. Is now impermeable to death it seems.

Nox: Can banish giant beasts to another realm. But we have to act fast cause they always come back.

Zharik: Zharik, Bearik, Zharik, Bearik, Zharik, Manateeik?

Rigo: Shot an arrow from behind a wall that one time.

Durkon: Impassioned orator about his hometown of magical tree blades. Wasted a lot of everyone's time.

Droop: The real hero of the day. Fought valiantly and risked death to protect his new family.

After the Fall Edit

Once Venomfang was safe and dead, we promptly evacuated his bowels, bottled his slobber, cut off his dick, decapitated him, pulled his teeth, and removed some of his scales. You never know what your gonna need.

We made our way to a small cottage that had some zombies, easy kills. Davorin made some spider friends that ran away when he shot an arrow at them. I'm sure they'll be back. We headed to the dragon lair and spooked Reidoth into accidentally knocking Davorin out. Couple goodberries and all is forgiven. He talks to us and is kind enough to split the treasure with us. He seemed suspicious of Nox, citing the fact that Nox's outfit is covered in spiders. ... .... It's probably nothing.

Reidoth gave us a rough idea of where Wave Echo Cave is and told us what lies south of Phandalin. Just some mountains and more forests. Then offered shelter for the night in his magically protected cottage. Only Killgore, Droop, and Davorin took him up on the offer. The rest of the gang decided to sleep in the monster den.

Before bed, Droop made a rough sketch of what he remembers of Cragmaw Castle and told you all about the people there.

There are two goblin tribes there, one led by Yegg and the other led by Lhupo. There is also a hobgoblin tribe that lives there, led by Targor Bloodsword. The ruler is a bugbear named King Grol and he works with a lady that can change form. These two keep a few pets, like an owlbear, a grick, and a wolf named Snarl. King Grol likes to collect holy relics and took over that castle because he believes it to be a holy place where gods used to convene.