Durok is a Red Dragon Sorcerer White Dragonborn.

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Durok a.k.a Nezznar a.k.a. The Black Spider is a 29 year old dragonborn created by a high class family. He was a genetic experiment and was discarded as an abomination. He is super charismatic and quite the swindler.

Feeling discarded, he is determined to make something of himself. He preys on people of weak intelligence with his skills in the art of persuasion, deception, counterfeiting, and forgery. He became focused on one goal about three years ago when he heard a story about Tiamat, the god of the five-headed multi-chromatic dragon. Legend has it that anyone who dons the skull of an ancient dragon will be granted the ability to influence dragons of that type. Durok believes that if he can obtain the skull of Tiamat, then he can rule the world by bending all dragons to his will.

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  • Head: [item name] [status enhancement]
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